There are three types of media I sell prints on, Fine Art Luster Paper, Canvas Wraps, and Metal.

Images printed on our traditional fine art quality luster paper range in size from 8″ x 10″ up to 24″ x 36″. 4 x 6 photos can be ordered in bulk (20+ prints) at $3 per print.

Images printed on our Metal Plates or Canvas Gallery Wraps come in sizes ranging from 8″ x 10″ up to 24″ x 36″. They do not require framing and are overall a better deal than traditional fine art paper prints. The most common exclamation upon seeing a Metal or Canvas print is “Wow!” If you want a showcase piece that will set your living room apart from others, try a Metal or Canvas printing! Floating Metals are 1/4″ thick aluminum plates where the image has been printed directly onto the plate, regular Metal Panels hang directly on the wall as well, but don’t standout from the wall like the Floating mounted ones do. The final image is highly glossy with excellent color saturation. Canvas Wraps are 1 1/2″ thick and the image wraps around the ends of the Stretcher Frame for a Gallery quality finish. Images are soft and textured and color saturation is more natural.

The Big Dipper and Fire Camp at Revival 2014

I was walking past Fire Camp on Thursday night before Revival and just happened to notice the Big Dipper looming overhead.  I took a few steps back from the pathways so that I could frame it in this shot, and let the camera expose the image for 30 seconds.  What turned out was pure magic.  8×12 prints are available for $20, 20×30 prints for $100, and 16×24 Metal panels for $165.


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The Point at Harmony Park, Phainting.

In the early hours of morning, just as the skies began to brigthen, I journeyed to The Point, along the western edge of Geneva Lake.  I took a series of exposures looking North, and this was one of the best.  The Phainting process (see for more details) has been applied to this shot of The Point at Harmony Park Music Garden during Revival Music Festival in May 2014 and is available in multiple sizes and price options.



Northern Lights over a Lake

I happened to be in the Fergus Falls, MN area at my folks’ lake cabin, over the past weekend.  I was sitting out by the campfire late one night and I noticed an odd glow along the northern skies reflecting over the lake.  At first I thought it was the glow of the Moon reflecting off of some high level clouds, but then long after the Moon had set, the glow remained.  I went into the cabin, grabbed my camera, and took some long exposures of the scene.  Northern Lights and Dock16x20skunkpage

After I’d experimented a bit and taken some exposures of varying lengths,  15 seconds, seemed to be the right amount of time to really enhance the green hue of the Aurora Borealis.  Due to a lack of the right equipment (my widest lens currently in my kit is a 24mm prime lens and shooting on an APS-C sized Camera body for you Photographer’s out there), I took two exposures to create this image, one of the scene above the lake and a 2nd of the dock and the reflection in the water and then stitched the two images together to create a 16×20 sized finished image.  This shot is available on 16″ wide x 20″ tall Metal Panels (image is printed directly onto a thin metal plate, they are highly saturated and show great detail, while looking very modern), these are finished pieces that do not require any additional framing costs and already have mounting hardware attached, they’re ready to hang on the wall straight out of the box!  16×20 Metal Panels will be available for a limited time for just $120, 16×20 Luster Paper prints can also be ordered at a cost of $50.

16x20 Metal Panel $120

16x20 Luster Paper $50

Revival Festival 2014 at Harmony Park

The Main Stage at  Harmony Park was the subject of two of my favorite shots during Revival 2014.  The first was taken just prior to Greensky Bluegrass coming out for an Encore during the final evening.  I noticed the powerful stage lights shooting off into the sky and took a few steps back from the stage to grab this wide shot.  I was very happy with the end result.  8×12 prints are available for $20, 20×30 prints for $100, and 16×24 Metal panels for $165.



8x12 Fine Art Paper $20

20x30 Fine Art Paper $100

16x24 Metal Panel $165

The Second was a picture I grabbed on Thursday night, before the festival began and as preparations were still underway.  Much of the stage design had already been completed and the clouds parted for awhile so that I was able to grab another shot of the stage with the stars in the background.  8×12 prints are available for $20, 20×30 prints for $100, and 16×24 Metal panels for $165.



8x12 Fine Art Paper $20

20x30 Fine Art Paper $100

16x24 Metal Panel $165



Project Earth 2012 at Harmony Park

Limited Edition Print!  This is one of my favorite Harmony Park shots of 2012, captured the Wednesday before Project Earth began.  It being the day before the festival-goers arrived, the park was amazingly calm and peaceful that night.   If you look closely at the upper left edge of the green lens flare in the image, you’ll notice smudge of light that is the Andromeda Galaxy, 2.5 million light years away.  This image is currently featured on both Harmony Park and Revival Festival’s websites and is being offered in a numbered run of just 10 large format Floating Metal prints.  They will sell very quickly so be sure to order yours ASAP!  Only 8 of 10 remain!  It is being offered at the lowest price I’ve ever been able to sell 16×24 Floating Metal prints at, just $165!  These are finished prints that don’t require any framing and will mount right onto your wall straight out of the delivery box, a great value!


16x24 Limited Edition Floating Metal Print $165

16x20 Metal Plate $100


A tree and dirt road that many are familiar with, this is the Road to Harmony Park at Sunset the Wednesday prior to Shangri-La 2013.  The sun had just set and the sky was still full of beautiful colors.  I walked down the path a few steps and put my camera low to the ground to capture this shot.


11x17 Poster Print $15

16x24 Luster Paper $65

16x24 Floating Metal $175


Taken during Wookiefoot’s Project Earth, this long exposure shot captures festival-goers walking down the pathways of Harmony Park at night with glowsticks and light toys.

Harmony Night full

16x24 Floating Metal $220

16x24 Luster Paper $65

12x18 Canvas Gallery Wrap $190

12×18 Luster Paper $35


During Wookiefoot’s headlining set at Project Earth in 2013, I took a sequence of long exposures, allowing me to capture a bolt of Lightning that struck during the shot. This print is 12″ x 24″ in size on our Floating Metal style print. It sells for $200 with $10 in shipping. Click the “Buy Now” button to purchase this print directly!

Lightning Strike during Wookiefoot Set at Project Earth 2012, Harmony Park Music Garden

12×24 Floating Metal $200

Here’s another of my favorite shots from Harmony Park in 2012, this one captures The Giving Tree at night while the Moon sits in the sky above the tree providing some extra light. It was taken on the last night of Shangri-La while some folks kept warm by the fire.

Giving Tree

20x30 Floating Metal $285

Useful Jenkins

Wookiefoot’s Shangri-La at Harmony Park was the setting for the filming of a new music video with Useful Jenkins for Festival Express, which was released on Friday November 15th, 2013.  I grabbed this shot during UJ’s performance of Home Sweet Home that day.  16×24 prints are available for $70.

UJ Shang

Camp Maiden Rock West

Camp Maiden Rock West and Big Wu Family Reunion 13 was the setting for some magical times under the stars the weekend of August 8th-10th.  I captured several shots that are now available for print orders.  This was a 25 second exposure showing some of the camping area of the Park along with the Milky Way stretching into the sky above.  16×24 Metal Prints of this shot are available for $220 and 20×30 Luster Paper prints of this shot are also available for $95.

Milky Way and a Music Festival

16x24 Floating Metal $220

This Panoramic image also taken at Big Wu Family Reunion was created by doing a sequence of 25 second exposures and stitching the images together. It is 10×40 in size and comes printed as two separate 10×20 floating metal panels meant to be hung side by side. The total cost for the two floating metal panels is $250.

Big Wu Night Pano

10×40 Floating Metal Milky Way Panorama $250


Another shot captured at Camp Maiden Rock West, this features two fire perfomers and a Hula Hooper using an LED Hula Hoop.  This shot was captured with Mark Murphy of Wookiefoot looking over my shoulder as I was describing to him what we were trying to photography.  It was quite a fun experience.  This shot is available in both a 12×24 Floating Metal and Luster Paper print options.

Fire Spinners and a Hula Hooper with an LED Hula Hoop dance in the fields of Camp Maiden Rock West on August 9th, 2013.

Fire Spinners and a Hula Hooper with an LED Hula Hoop dance in the fields of Camp Maiden Rock West on August 9th, 2013.

12x24 Floating Metal $200

12x24 Luster Paper $65



I was traveling to Mankato, MN from Sioux Falls, SD and we stopped to take a few pictures as a storm was arriving at Sunset. We drove down a dirt path and discovered a dead tree rising up into the sky, providing a nice foreground subject for the beautiful stormy sunset that we were seeing. I have a 20×30 Floating Metal print of this shot available for $220.


20x30 Luster Paper $220


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