No Meteors So Far

I went out to Palisades State Park in an attempt to grab some Meteor shots, with no success so far.  As I was driving to Palisades, I noticed a rather photogenic barn and treeline which I mentally noted to come back to on my way home if I struck out at Palisades.  Thankfully, I was able to grab a few solid shots which I stitched into a 4 shot panorama.  The final image is almost 8000 pixels wide (think about your 1900 pixel wide HD television…) so huge prints are possible with this finished image.

Farmhouse Cassiopeia

I’ll be featuring this photo as one of my Fine Art Prints of the month where I have 20×30 Floating Metal prints of this shot will be available for $300 (with $10 shipping).  I’ll be very happy to get one of these gorgeous pieces out to you immediately.  Stop over to the Fine Art Prints Section to purchase!

The Wandering Skunk’s Fine Art Prints