Big things on the horizon for Shangri-La!

Wookiefoot Shangri-La

August has been an exciting month so far.  The funding period for my Kickstarter with Useful Jenkins to finance a new music video just wrapped.  It was a great success!  We raised almost $2,500 in 30 days for the production of the video.  Principal photography for the video will occur at Wookiefoot’s Shangri-La Festival Sept 6th-8th at Harmony Park Music Garden outside Geneva, MN.  I also just finalized an agreement partnering with Tim McGuire of Helium Dolphin Video to capture several songs of Wookiefoot’s headlining performance at Shangri-La.  We’re collaborating with Mark Murphy of Wookiefoot who will be mastering and producing a 32 track live audio recording of the performance for the video.  Both Tim and I are very excited about this project and our first collaboration with such a talented producer like Mark.

Currently I’m deep into pre-production mode for the Useful Jenkins video.  The 1st treatment is almost done and I’ve begun to start storyboarding some of the shots that we’ll need to get.  Over the next few weeks I’ll be finalizing the budget, purchasing and renting the gear needed for the music video, and organizing some of the details for the Wookiefoot performance video.