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 Rob Specht – The Wandering Skunk

Like many other artists who have discovered passion through their medium, Rob Specht, known as The Wandering Skunk, had no real intent of transforming his hobby into a career when he began capturing images of local bands in Sioux Falls, SD.  Initially, photography was simply a way to connect with family.  He came across his deceased grandfather’s camera equipment in 2006 and started taking pictures of friends performing at shows and the sights and scenes around him.  As his skills improved, so did his desirability.  Many musical acts struggle to find photographers willing and able to capture the finer moments of a stage performance thus offering Rob opportunities to go on tour with multiple bands across the Midwest and Rockies.  The audiences at these concerts proved to be as colorful and interesting as the performers, enabling Rob to grow his subject range as well as his business.  Utilizing the power of online networking, the Wandering Skunk reputation ultimately began to precede him in his journeys.  His constant experimentation with subjects, lighting, and equipment recently led him to the world of videography where he has found success shooting and editing music videos and short documentaries.  While skills can be honed and improved, Rob possess an innate ability to capture people in their truest emotional states which are vividly transferred to print or screen and, in the end, the viewer.  As the monicker suggests, you can sense the Wandering Skunk’s strong presence but rarely know where or how he will appear.

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Just a few more days before the filming of the Festival Express music video at Shangri-La with Useful Jenkins!

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Prints of many images by The Wandering Skunk that don’t appear in the store are also available for purchase as fine art reproductions. All proceeds from print sales support the artist in creating new and lasting images. Submit questions and inquiries to rob@wanderingskunk.mystagingwebsite.com